Live Bait for Trout?

I know some of you don’t fish without fresh or live bait. So, I’m doing a short poll to 1) determine if this polling software is as cool as it says it is 2) really find out what’s the “go to” live bait used by most of the fishermen and women out there.

Tough Day for the First Backcast Tournament

I’ve been meaning to post a piece about our recent BCKFC fly fishing tournament, which was held last Saturday, April 30 down in Leeville. By the way, if you’re a kayak fisherman, or if you’re even remotely interested in fishing out of a kayak, I recommend you check out their forum, which I’ve placed a link to at the bottom of my blog. Anyway, this was not an “official” tournament, but more like a friendly get together of kayakers who wanted the extra angling challenge of doing it with the fly rod. Special thanks to Orvis for sponsoring us with a $100 donation of flies, which I won in the drawing at the weighin.

Flies donated from Orvis

You know the fishing has been bad when some of the most respected guides (I spoke with Bobby Gros) down at the coast are having a tough time finding fish and are even cancelling trips because of the conditions. The wind has been blowing, the water has been very dirty, and the water levels have been very high.  All three are very detrimental to the fly fisherman!  I think we had 15 anglers show up at 5:15.  Oh, did I mention that there wasn’t much tide movement either?

Well, there there isn’t much to report about the catching part of our trip, but that didn’t keep us from having fun.  Five fish were weighed in by four anglers. I personally caught a 10 inch drum on a spoon fly.  As a teacher, I am always trying to learn something from my experiences and I can say that I learned a few things from this trip.  First, after not having been on the coast since January, I needed to check my crate for the all-important SALT water flies!  I had my freshwater bugs and poppers with me.  Luckily, I had tied a few spoon flies earlier in the week and I had those with me. The other thing I learned is I can’t use 5-minute epoxy on my flies.  The stuff just doesn’t hold up  in salt water.

Notice the two flies on the right have disintegrated.

I’m going to use the 30-minute stuff from now on.  I know the UV goo is real popular right now, but I can’t justify spending $50 on the kit right now. That’s a tank of gas and a trip to the coast!

School is about to end and I hope to make some great memories fishing down in south Louisiana. Go ahead and subscribe to this blog to keep updated on south Louisiana kayak fishing adventures.