My shot at tying spoon flies

I have been fishing with a fly rod since last fall and have had some great trips with the “buggy whip.” I only consider myself a novice at the sport, but I’m gradually improving my technique. Since last fall, I have also begun attempts at tying my own flies. I’ve caught fish on several clouser patterns (specs and a few undersized redfish), but  I’ve really had success with the fluff butt (black body with a chartreuse tail) this spring, fishing for bream, bass and sacalait. I recently tried my hand at tying a few spoon flies.

While I was very proud of my creations, I was quite disappointed that I had two of them disintegrate during our recent Back Cast tournament. I was told that it was due to the fact that I used 5-minute epoxy and not 30-minute epoxy.

My first set of spoon flies. Notice the two on the right.

Well, after some research on the internet and the purchase of a $9 wheel used for a disco ball, I was able to make my own fly drying wheel.  This would allow me to use 30-minute epoxy and spin the flies so I don’t get any clumping on the flies.

Here are my improved versions of the spoon fly.  I hope to see them hanging from inside the mouth of a big redfish…soon.

Here are my eight completed spoonflies.

My Pink Charlie spoonfly

For when they’re biting on anything that’s pink.

My "black spoon of death"

This is my version of the “black spoon of death.

Gold spoon

This one is my version of the Johnson Gold Spoon.

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