More Fun in the Neighborhood

With the final week of school approaching, and all that that encompasses it (Baccalaureate Mass, Graduation, etc) I am not able to get down to the coast for another week.  Meanwhile, reports of big fat specs and prowling redfish fill the fishing forums from the Texas to the Louisiana coasts.  There have even been reports of monster cobia catches within 100 yards of the beaches of Destin and Orange Beach, which would most certainly be accessible in a kayak. While the lure of catching big fish can make even a novice kayaker drool with envy and anticipation, sometimes it’s good to have the other priorities of life “get in the way” to make a fisherman realize just why they get into the sport in the first place. Personally, I fish for the pure challenge and enjoyment, to enjoy God’s beauty in nature, and the peace it brings. This spring has given me a chance to really enjoy the beauty of this sport. I have done a lot of “pond hopping” to local ponds and lakes around my home.

A perfect example of this happened this past Monday.  I did not have any after school or evening commitments, so I decided to try to catch some bass in the lake by my house. I hooked my kayak up to my wheels and carted it two blocks to the spot where I launch it. I did bring my fly rod and some popping bugs in case they started busting bait on top at sundown.  Well, the bass didn’t cooperate, but the bream were very aggressive on the fly rod.  I probably caught and released 25 bream and one nice bass.  There is also an abundance of wildlife in our lake.  I had three wood ducks land within 25 yards of me and the Canada geese are mating and sitting on nests. I also got to observe a pair of nutria playing in the water right before sundown. They were so preoccupied with each other and neither one saw me coast up to within a paddle’s length to them. I even stayed past dark to see if I could get any bass to bite on a spinnerbait.  I did catch about a 4-inch sacalait on a spinnerbait that was the same size as the fish.  I felt the hit but then thought I was hung up on some grass. When I held the bait up to the moonlight, I saw the little fish.  I can’t tell you how it got that hook in its mouth.  Finally, on the way back in I saw the telltale red eyes of an alligator in the water.  I got close enough to see that it’s about three and a half feet long before it submerged.  I guess I’ll have to call Troy Landry or Junior to “choot ‘em” before he gets too big and eats someone’s dog or cat.  By the way, go ahead and subscribe to this site so you can get emails when I post new videos and fishing reports. 🙂

The Canada Geese are still sitting on nests. This male is guarding a nearby nest.

Here’s my latest video teaser from Monday’s fishing.