A Double Slam…of Sorts

I know that we coastal fishermen look forward to catching the all elusive, “Cajun slam.”  The slam is when you catch a redfish, a flounder, and a speckled trout.  Well, this weekend, I was able to witness a double slam …of sorts.  Here’s the story.

I received a call from my cousin and her husband, who offered a chance for my wife and me to join them in Bayou Dularge for a morning fishing trip in their 24 foot Ranger. After checking the wind forecasts that predicted the winds to subside from “small craft advisory” to only 8 to 10 miles per hour, I decided we would take them up on their offer. When we showed up at our meeting place, however, we noticed the winds had not subsided.  We decided to pick up some live cocahoes and head out anyway.  We started off on a lee shore protected by some roseau cane and I promptly hooked up on a nice red, only to lose it.  After months of fishing my local ponds for bream, saclait, and an occasional bass on my fly rod, I probably didn’t set the hook hard enough on the hard mouth of Mr. Redfish.  When my cousin’s husband promptly lost a redfish moments later, I knew this trip would be one for the girls. By about 7:30, there were white caps in Lake Mechant and we decided pick up and head to a protected canal to drown some live minnows on the bottom for some redfish or drum.

The action was very slow, but my wife did manage a keeper redfish, a ten-inch croaker, and a 15-inch trout.  That’s a slam…kinda sorta.  Then, my cousin Pam caught a keeper drum, a gafftop catfish, and a hardhead catfish…a real bona fide double slam 🙂  Enjoy the movie trailer.  BTW there will NOT be a full length movie made of this one 🙂