Bull Frogs and Bream

I’m getting tired with the same old line…too windy on the coast.  Well, I’m going to make an afternoon trip to Dularge tomorrow and will probably make it to Fourchon with Scott to do some red snapper fishing this weekend, so it’s GAME ON!  In the meantime, I just can’t help but take the kayak down to the neighborhood lake for some action.  Monday, I had the best day on the lake with a popper (see previous entry)  This morning, I couldn’t get anything to hit the same popper that did so well on Monday. I did manage to catch a few bream (three nice keepers) on the old standby fluffbutt.  There were some other guys in a small bateaux catching chinquapin on worms.  I was content to catch mine on a fly that I tied myself.

More bull bream on the fly rod

While I was on the water, my son, Dustin called me, as he was making his way back home from a frogging trip.  He and a buddy caught 61 nice frogs. Looks like we’re going to have a nice fry soon!

Box shot of Dustin's frogs. (caught 61, only 23 here)


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