Kind of a Mini Outcast

I met up with fellow BCKFC members Cobia (Bruce), GLWLSU (Gairi), Armless Monkey (Brian), JPoucher (Jason), and a newbie (Dustin) at Bason’s Marina this morning in Golden Meadow.  After catching my personal best on the gold spoonfly my last trip, I had the fever to catch some more redfish on the spoon fly.  I did manage a new personal best, an 18 inch drum. As for the trip, it was a slow day. I managed only two fish on the fly, a rat redfish and the drum. I did catch a keeper redfish on a spinnerbait later on during the day.

The area was full of minnows and mullet. I just didn’t see very many redfish. I did lose a real nice one on the spoon fly that I sight-casted to. I didn’t see very many reds chasing the bait until after 11:00. They were in very shallow water. They would pick off a minnow and hightail it out of sight before I could get a cast in. Anyway, when I got back to the landing, Brian had his limit of redfish. I gave Jason my redfish, which made a limit for him too.  Jason had some pretty nice flounder and Brian had some good tournament sized redfish.  I never did see Bruce and Gairi, but I’m sure they caught fish too.

It sure made it hard to continue to fish with the fly rod when everyone else was catching them on live bait. Oh well, one fish on the fly rod is worth two on live bait 🙂

Didn’t get much video, but I decided to put together a quick trailer video.


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