It was bound to happen!

Everyone says it’s bound to happen, sooner or later, if you fish out of a kayak…

I met up with fellow BCKFC member, Gairi,  at Pointe Aux Chenes this morning and we fished what ended up being a slow day, or more like a comedy of errors for me. The water was rising and there were lots of bait, but the water was dirty and in my stubbornness, I tried to catch reds this morning on the fly rod anyway. Whenever I would see a redfish crash some bait, it was gone by the time I paddled over to make a cast. Then, in my anxiety, I would get tangled or catch some of the marsh grass behind me. Then I decided to ditch the fly rod and use my trusty spinnerbait. Uhhh, no go ’cause my first cast hooked some of my gear behind me and I had the rats’ nest from hell. So, I told myself the good Lord wants me fishing with the fly rod.

I continued fishing with the fly rod and watched Gairi pull in a few keeper trout on live cocohoes. I even retied from my spoonfly to a clouser with a strike indicator to try to catch some trout. It was about 9:30 and I was smelling a big skunk, when I paddled out into a small cove of shallow water. By now I had already clipped the line off my rats’ nest and had retied my spinnerbait. That’s when I heard the second-to-loudest crash of the day. About 60 feet away from me a big redfish had smashed some bait right up against the grass. Within five seconds I had my spinnerbait within inches of his last sighting and bam, it was fish on! After a short fight, I had landed a fat 24 inch redfish.

Here’s where my stubbornness with the fly rod and my neglect of kayak fisherman’s rule number one which reads: “The rest of the body will always follow the head.” I was reaching behind me to get to my fly gear because I wanted to retie a different fly on my rod when I let my head get too far away from the centerline of the boat. That’s when we heard the LOUDEST CRASH OF THE DAY because I rolled my yak. 

I was cool…NOT, because I was so pissed at myself, but not to worry because we have fine caring individuals in our kayak club. So, I knew that Gairi was furiously peddling toward me to come see if I needed help…or maybe I had split my head open on an oyster reef and he would offer a dry towel or something. Nope…he wanted to get a picture. Thanks buddy!! At least I avoided the skunk, but my iPhone got wet and died and that’s the only snapshot I had of my fish. So I had to wait for Gairi to post a pic on our forum.

I have a dry box on board but did not have my phone in it because, frankly, I had never come close to flipping my yak before, and, I thought I would be taking some more pictures soon. I did put together a short video of me catching that one nice 24 inch redfish.


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