Left the Anchor Pole at Home

Actually, I wasn’t going to need it because I was going on my first offshore “mothership” trip. I went with a buddy of mine who owns a nice Triton. My WS Tarpon fit nicely along the side between the center console.

Since I’ve been kayak fishing, I’ve had the pleasure of learning new water and fishing species that I’ve not targeted before. This trip started out as a trip to try to catch a tarpon from my kayak. Since the tarpon haven’t arrived yet to the Louisiana coastal waters yet, we decided to make it a rig fishing trip. We would target red snapper, mangrove snapper, and just about any other rig fish that would bite. We had to work hard for our fish this trip. I made a similar trip four weeks ago without the kayak and we had our limit of big snapper within a half hour. We must have hit 10 rigs before we caught our first red snapper this time and my buddy said he didn’t want to put the kayak in the water until we had put a limit in the box. We ended up with a nice mix (red snapper, mangrove, HUGE white trout, large croaker and a trigger fish). I finally got my kayak launched and it was exhilarating! Within five minutes, I had my first fish on in 140 feet of water. Honestly, it wasn’t as exciting as catching a 24 inch redfish in a foot of water, but I’ll take it anyway. After a border-line rough early morning, the water really laid down nicely around 10 AM. After catching that fish, it was already getting to be around noon and the other two fishermen in the big boat were antsy to get back to try for some specs and redfish before we called it a day. You’ll see in the pictures just how calm it was. We lost a nice cobia from the big boat. I hope to catch one of those from my yak. I’m going to have to find another day this summer when the seas are flat to try to catch some cobia, smacks, or a Jack Cravelle…and then there’s always the “Ride the Bull” tournament.

Just getting launched in the Gulf

The feeling of being in the Gulf inside my kayak was exhilarating!

Fish On!

Master Angler Submission

Pulled him up from 140 ft. down

BTW, we already had our limit. I stuck a hole in his air bladder with the hook, pushed it back down his mouth, revived him, and watched him swim back down with his buddies.


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