Andry Fishing Trip

Three generations of Andry men converged on Leeville, Louisiana for a weekend of fishing, fun, and food! Joining us for the adventure were Bert Andry, his four sons, Kevin, Keith, Kirk, and Kyle, and three grandsons, Dustin, Collin, and Marc.  They were all under the watchful eye of the matriarch of the family, my mom, Loretta Andry. The boats for this trip included four kayaks, a canoe, and a trolling motor-propelled pirogue.

A special thanks to the Pouchers for letting my borrow their tandem Native Ultimate. My brother, Kirk, and his 10-year-old son, Marc, fished in it and my nephew caught his first redfish and trout in it. We all caught fish, but my brother, Keith, in the beat up, old pirogue outfished us all. In fact, had he been registered in the Outcast tournament being held Saturday morning, he would have won with a limit of redfish, three trout, and a flounder. He had a 24 inch and a 22 inch redfish in the stringer!

I cooked a killer pastalaya for the club members and my family (there were NO leftovers at all) and we fried delicious trout, redfish, and flounder for supper.
We all fished Sunday morning before going to church. Well, actually, Kirk, Marc, Keith, Collin, Mom, and Dad went to church.  Dustin, Kyle, and I planned to go Sunday evening with our wives so we stayed out.  Kyle caught three nice redfish while Kirk and Keith each caught a keeper redfish.  Collin brought in a keeper flounder and I caught my first “Cajun Slam” in my kayak as I added two redfish, a trout, and a flounder to the haul. The big catch of the weekend, was the estimated 30 pound black drum that Keith (the pirogue fisherman) caught. We managed a picture and then he released it, just barely missing a trip to the aquatic club leader board 

The afternoon bite Sunday was terrific. Keith and Collin both caught limits of redfish. I believe Colling also caught 5 flounder. The tide fell in the afternoon and they caught all their fish in the flats around the launch.

We all had a great time and hope to do it again sometime.  In fact, I think my brother, Kyle, has gotten the bug to buy a kayak!  Welcome to the addiction!

The pirogue and the canoe

Marc's first speckled trout

My first "cajun slam"

Keith's monster drum



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