Fishing the Marsh in October

I’ve been chomping at the bit to get a little fly rod action down on the coast this fall. I went this morning with my brother, Keith, and my nephew, Collin, (godchild) and we fished the marshes near Leeville. I only took the flyrod and caught my personal best (26 inch redfish) on a popper. I tried to video it but it didn’t come out well. I did look and the time and it took over 7 and a half minutes to get him in the boat. Very exciting, especially since I caught it on a popper that I tied last winter. The fish literally came out of the water and inhaled it. I hooked another big boy about a half hour later but it broke my line where the tippet meets the leader. I then managed to catch a few trout and one white trout on a clouser under a VOSI. The water clarity wasn’t what I had hoped it would be and the fish weren’t crashing bait like I had hoped.

I did manage another redfish hookup on my clouser. I saw this one…a big red that had been crashing some bait near the bank where I was targeting some specs. When I set the hook on him, he lit out towards some pilings and I knew I didn’t have a chance. It cut my line on some barnacles. Overall it was a great trip. 7 pretty specs (3 went over 15 inches) a white trout and a 26 inch redfish all caught on the flyrod. My brother and my nephew caught a limit of redfish on plastics (commie tackle) and about 6 specs. Looks like the next chance I’ll get to hit the coast may be the morning of the LSU/Bama game. I’ll have to use my LSU clouser (purple and chartruese)

One thing that I found alarming was the fact that NONE of my fish had any shrimp in their stomachs. I have heard that the shrimp season was the worst in ages. All my fish had finger mullet in them. I know…bigger fish eat more minnows, crabs, and mullet and less shrimp, but I didn’t even see any shrimp jumping anywhere. I’m hoping this isn’t residual from the BP oil spill.

Here’s a video of the day’s trip. It’s not as good as some of my previous videos but it should get some of you out your office desks and back in the water. 🙂




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