Welcome 2012!

Happy New Year to all our kayakers and fly fishers out there. I was reminiscing about last year’s goals and accomplishments and what I want to achieve (kind of like my fly fishing bucket list) for this upcoming year. Please post your thoughts and ideas, along with pictures!

1. Catch a limit of redfish on my fly rod. Haven’t done that. Hope to catch more than 2 (my personal best) on the fly this year.

2. Catch a Cajun saltwater slam on the fly. I’ve caught a spec and a red on the same trip. Just can’t catch the all elusive flounder on the fly.

3. Catch a bull red on the fly. Hope to do that this year. My PB is 26 inches.

4. Catch a freshwater slam (my slam was bass, bream, and catfish; achieved this year) Hope to catch a bass, bream, and sacalait on the fly in the same trip this year.

5. Catch a limit of specs on the fly (achieved in 2010 and 2011)

6. Catch my first Rios on the fly

My first Rio

7. Catch an offshore species in my kayak (achieved when I caught a snapper in my yak this past summer)

Master Angler Submission

8. Turn more young people on to our sport. I almost have LSU shortstop, Austin Nola, ready to get into bassin’ with a fly rod.


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