Christmas Holiday Circuit, Part Tres

I made a trip down to Terrebonne Parish with my good friend and fishing buddy, Buddhaman, Friday morning.  The weatherman had called for strong winds (10 – 15 mph) but I hadn’t fished with him in a while and was looking forward to fishing in his Gheenoe for some reds. John had called me the day before and boasted of how he had caught a limit of redfish on topwater the day before…in 20 minutes!  I was looking forward to duplicating the feat on my fly rod with poppers.

We met at John’s house at 7 AM and made the short car ride to the “Red Gate,” where we launched and began our half-hour ride to his honey hole. We stopped at a spot to fish for specs first and I tied on a chartreuse Charlie (under a VOSI). After not getting a hit for 10 minutes we proceeded to his redfish spot. I left my Charlie on and was greeted by a 23 inch redfish after my third cast. Both of us thought that it would be “on” for a while. Well, I fished for another half hour before getting another hit. This one was a nice fat one (about 21 inches). Buddha proceeded to fish with a spinnerbait and began getting hit after hit. He caught his limit of five during the next couple of hours. I tried sight fishing to a couple of tailing reds but couldn’t get them to eat. We spooked lots of redfish but I just couldn’t get them to eat. The water was a bit more stained than the water I had been fishing down in Leeville. The wind picked up and there was no tide movement to speak of.

I finally put down the fly rod and broke out my commie tackle and caught my third and final redfish of the day on a spinnerbait. Overall, I had a blast fishing with a good friend, took a few fillets home with me to end the year 2011. I took some video, but it didn’t make the Musicdoc cut for editing. I did manage one picture with my largest redfish of the day caught on the fly rod.


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