Cinco de May Trip Down Hwy 1

My fishing partner bailed on my last night so I decided to go anyway and meet up with another buddy this afternoon. He had boat trouble so I ended up going solo all day. I did manage to check a few things off my bucket list:

First, I wanted to catch some specs on the fly rod during the summer months. I catch the heck out of specs in the fall and winter, but haven’t been successful during the summer heat. While we aren’t actually in the summer, our summer, hot-weather pattern has begun. I probably caught 15 -18 specs, all on Laflure’s Charlies under a VOSI. Only kept the ones 14 in and above. Most of my trout came under diving birds. Also, look for moving water and jumping shrimp!

Second, I wanted to do a full beach launch and recovery. Did that too, and I caught an undersized spec on the fly rod next to three boats who were slaying the trout with live pogeys! Saw some porpoise porn real close to my yak in the gulf. Sorry, no video…there are kids that check out this blog emot_wink

Third, wanted to up my personal best redfish on the flyrod. Managed to do that too, although I didn’t get a full measurement. He jumped off my ruler and went in the water when I was getting ready to snap a picture. He was over 28 inches. I was trying to squeeze his tail and he jumped.

You can check out my short video from the day’s trip.


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