Summer fishing has begun!

With the end of another school year, I look forward to the opportunities to get out on the water as much as possible before I have to start up again. My students and non-fishing buddies often ask me how come I never get bored with fishing. Even my brother wonders how I can drive two and a half hours down to the coast and be happy without bringing any fish back home. Two weeks ago, I caught at least 25 speckled trout. None were 12 inches so I came home empty-handed, but happy as a lark because I caught them all on flied that I tied myself. What they don’t realize is that no two days on the water are alike. One great example of this took place this afternoon.

I made a short trip out to the lakes by my house to try to get a little bass and bream action on the fly rod. On my second or third cast, I hooked a small bream on crappy candy under a VOSI. As I was bringing the fish to my kayak, a large bass attacked the bream, not once, but twice. The second time it knocked the bream off the hook. I sat there amazed by what I had just witnessed when I saw the bass still chasing the bream a third time. Note to self. Match the hatch!  Next time, I need to tie on a bream-colored fly. I ended up keeping four chunky bream for the fryer and released as many bream and small bass. No pictures today. Maybe next time!


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