Full Moon Froggy Fly Bass

With a day off and a full moon and high winds on the coast to contend with, I decided to stay local and fish one of my neighborhood lakes. There are two small lakes that have offered me hours of solitude, relaxation, and enjoyment that are two blocks from my house. That means I can sleep late, cart my kayak two blocks to a launch spot and be fishing within 15 minutes of my feet hitting the floor in the morning.

After having some success last week with some big bream, I planned on catching a few slabs to put in the fryer. I did, however, bring two rods. One was rigged with a crappie candy under a VOSI. The other was rigged with a froggy fly, a foam fly that’s real easy to tie that has produced bass for me in the past. I was on the water at around 6:20 and I started with the froggy fly because I wanted to try the early morning topwater bite. I hadn’t fished more than 10 minutes,when my fly was swallowed by a big bass. The fight was on and after two or three aerial jumps, the bass turned and headed for deep water. That’s when he got off. Upon careful inspection, I saw that my knot (tied in the dark at 6 AM WITHOUT COFFEE) didn’t hold.  What a bummer! I figured that would be my last chance of the day for a big bass so I switched strategy and started targeting bream.

I fished my usual spots for bream but had no luck at all. That’s when I saw a bass stir up a commotion along a nearby bank. I switched again to my froggy fly and bam! This time, I landed a nice 14 inch bass! I continued to fish the bank and was rewarded with lots of action. I probably missed about a half dozen or more but I caught 12 or 13 bass, ranging in size from about 5 inches to a 19-inch beauty, my personal best on the fly rod! Of all days! My darn video camera ran out of battery! I did manage to get my first bass of the morning on film and another big miss. I will try to do some editing and post it soon.

I don’t know why I was so successful this morning. I would have thought the bass would have fed all night with that beautiful full moon. Most of the bass I did catch looked like they were either very full or some (my biggest) may have still had eggs to lay. I wonder if bass will spawn twice in a year? Anyway, the action slowed around 8:30 and I called it a morning a little later. All bass were released to provide the thrill another day!


One of those that wanted to play today.


19 inches and about 3 and 1/2 pounds


Another Froggy Fly Bass


Another angle of my personal best.


Another hungry bass eats my froggy fly.


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