The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This is a continuation of my last post. I am currently in Kansas with my daughter, and she is just about completely unpacked and ready to start work as a plastic surgeon intern. I visited a local fly shop and got directions to several of the lakes around here. I did manage to get to fish a couple of them and here’s my report. The first one was in Missouri, Saturday. I caught only a couple of small bream. The boat traffic was too bad with skiiers on the weekend. So, I guess that covers the bad…  emot_bh well, not quite. I chose wiser this morning…or so it seemed. I picked a smaller lake (3 and a half acres) close to down town. I knew the bank fishing would be better and there would be no boat traffic. I got there around 8 AM, which is late for me, but I had to drop my daughter off at the hospital first. The good news smile  is I caught a lot of fish, probably 30 plus, bass and bream. The bass were mostly fingerlings that looked like they had been recently stocked in the lake. I did manage two nice ones, though, with the biggest going 18 inches. The ugly part about this trip was I picked an inner city lake in the ghetto. I would never be caught at this lake after dark. I think I saw a drug deal at 9 AM and as I worked my way around the other side, a couple of guys were whistling at this girl that was probably a prostitute. The litter around the lake was utterly disguisting. I would not have stayed, except that at one point, I was catching a fish on nearly every cast! As I walked the perimeter, there were empty beer, wine, and liquor bottles everywhere. In the water and out. Paper, trash, you name it. The most disqusting part was this: At two separate spots, I saw stringers that had been left with (now) dead catfish on them. There were also two rods left on the ground. Maybe something happened last night there that scared people off and they dropped everything and ran. Either that or aliens came and took them away emot_lol Anyway, when I left to pick my daughter up from work, she told me that KC is ranked as the 9th most dangerous city to live in per capita in the U.S. emot_surprise oops.  Oh, well, I managed to educate over 30 bass and bream on a blue popper that I made to imitate a blue damsel fly.

I know she’s 18 inches because that’s my new Stowaway rod that breaks down into 6, 18 inch sections.

Oh, and that would be a picture of the Ugly…in the blue shirt, of course. 🙂


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