Same Old Story

I hesitate to even post this because it’s getting to sound redundant, but I know some of you who are land locked enjoy reading them, so here goes!

I am blessed to be a teacher and I have summers off (for the most part). Well, I got back from Kansas City and was itching to get back on the water in Louisiana. I passed on an opportunity to take in a morning paddle in order to get my grass cut (I hadn’t been in town for 10 days). I couldn’t pass on a challenge from my 22-year-old son to do some bank fishing in another nearby lake. He was going to use his hand-made, 7 ft. carbon fiber rod, with micro guides and I was going to use my fly rod with some home-made foil poppers that I’ve been successful with. Well, it was close, but the commie tackle outdid the fly rod 8-5.
Here’s a picture of his largest, probably around 14-15 inches. Sorry it’s blurry. Here’s a clearer shot of another bass.

I guess if I had to lose to the commie tackle, it was to my son on a rod he built.

I went out early this morning in my kayak. Dustin wouldn’t wake up early enough. I was rewarded with my efforts as I caught 11. Five of the eleven were caught in the first half hour! I lost the largest fish of the morning, as I was fiddling with my video camera. Would have probably been my personal best on the fly! Anyway, no video this time gang. I did decide after catching and releasing 50 or so during the past three weeks to pick out two big ones to pan-sautee for lunch! The largest measured a tad over 18 and the other one was a tad over 14.  Enjoyed fresh bass for lunch!


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