Grand Isle Report

I spent Friday and Saturday mornings at Grand Isle with a buddy of mine who teaches with me. We fished strictly from kayaks. He used live shrimp and outfished me (at least by keeper-sized fish), while I stayed with my fly rod. I caught 7 different species on my flyrod Saturday morning, including a “Patriotic” slam (redfish, white trout, and bluefish) on my fly rod. In addition to those, I caught ladyfish, croaker, speckled trout, and pompano on my fly rod. Most of my fish were undersized, but you can’t imagine how much fun I had fooling all those on flies I tied myself! I did manage to talk to some of the guides and a good friend of mine who caught BIG trout at Timbalier Island; mostly on live bait. I haven’t seen the water as clear at GI than I did this past weekend. I was told that shrimp avoid water that’s that clear. Seems they make easy targets for predator fish! I didn’t see any shrimp jumping in the surf on the beach. I did see shrimp in the bay, which is where we caught our fish Friday. Anyway, I put together a short video: enjoy!


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