The Ultimate Yard Pass

With my wife being out of town for the weekend with my daughter, I found myself with the Ultimate Yard Pass for a fishing trip. So, with no reason to hurry back home, I planned on making a float trip with a BCKFC buddy of mine on the Amite River today. I was awoken at 2 AM by a terrible thunderstorm and my fishing buddy and I nearly bailed on the trip. The weather, however, was moving south and we would be heading north, so we went on with our plans to launch near the Mississippi boarder and made the 6 mile float/fish in about 8 hours. It was a beautiful day and it sure beat the alternative…sleeping in! We just wished the fish would have cooperated. I brought only my fly rod and some poppers. Fishtaco, my fishing buddy, brought his fly rod and an ultralight spinning rig with a spinnerbait. I broke ice with the first spotted bass of the morning.

Fishtaco then caught the largest of the day on his spinnerbait. He measured and weighed it. I believe it went 2.3 pounds, which means it was a monster spotted bass. When the sky became overcast, I switched to a darker-colored popper and caught this next one:


Then I proceeded to catch the prettiest little bream. I probably caught 4 or five of these:

We pulled up on a sand bar and ate lunch under a shade tree. One of the topics of conversation that came up during our lunch break was catching catfish on the fly rod. Fishtaco regularly catches them in his neighborhood pond. I catch them in a private pond myself, but I have never caught them in the wild on the fly rod. We mentioned how hard it is to catch one on a popper, and I told about the one I caught last year in my buddy’s pond. Well, when we got back on the water, I had a big blowup and I new I had a real nice one on! Talk about a surprise!

That catfish completed my freshwater slam on a popper in the Amite River! Cool stuff!

I learned that Spotted Bass don’t grow as big as their largemouth cousins and that a 8 or 10-inch bass is a mature adult. They also have this extra row of teeth on their tongue:


Well, I closed the day out with few more:

The fishing was really slow but we made the most of it. We got really creative on the way back home when Fishtaco’s Coosa would not fit on top of my suburban with my kayak. We had dropped my car off at the pickup point, so, in order to get both boats back to Fishtaco’s vehicle in one trip (at the drop off point), we had to put the seats down in the car and put the 11 and 1/2 foot Jackson Coosa inside the suburban. The tail of the kayak extended out the back of the lift-top gate.Good thing we did a clean river trip! No mud inside the suburban!

I came home to an empty house and decided to spend the remaining daylight on the lake by my house. I caught two huge bream and lost two huge bass! Oh well, should have called it a day earlier, but that’s what happens when you get the Ultimate Yard Pass!




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