Redfish for the LSU Game

I’m living on sleep deprivation but after seeing that fly fishing video, but I just had to get down to the marsh. I read some reports that several of my kayak friends were catching redfish down in Dularge (the Du). I don’t fish there often (I prefer the Hwy 1 corridor). I do, however, have fond memories of Dularge for a few reasons. It’s been a location of “firsts” for me…my first redfish from my yak, my first keeper redfish on a fly. Also, I fished that area with my family (Sister Lake, Mud Lake, Mechant, etc.) a lot when I had my bay boat.

I caught an easy limit by 9:00 on a spinnerbait. I had a couple of hits early in the morning on the fly rod on a popper (probably some small specs or white trout chasing shrimp) but never got a hookup. After I caught dinner for the LSU game, I tried to catch some on the fly. I only got one taker on a spoonfly.

The water is still too high for sight-fishing with a fly rod but these redfish (perfect eating size) are going to be great on the grill tonight! I did get to explore some new areas and enjoyed the morning trip. I had some car trouble at the landing and was thankful to be able to get back to Baton Rouge.


Here’s a map of my favored spots and some of the new spots I fished today:

Dularge spots



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