No Shave November? How about No Commie November?

Popper spec

Catch Cormier and I decided to make a quick morning trip down to the marshes in Leeville to try our luck for speckled trout on the fly rod! We both packed our “commie tackle” but decided to leave that in the car and just bring our fly rods. Needless to say we made the right decision and were rewarded with a great morning in the Louisiana marsh with our fly rods!

We arrived at my launch spot around 7 AM and began our paddle out in the marsh. I don’t think we had paddled out a couple of hundred yards when I saw some tell-tale action on the surface. There were fish chasing minnows on the surface! I had tied a popper on my fly rod before we jumped in our kayaks. Anyone who follows my blog knows that catching fish on poppers is my absolute favorite way to catch fish! The reason I chose a popper that morning was because I hoped to catch a few early morning redfish on my popper before going to a Charlie under a VOSI for specs later. I guess I had made about two or three casts before I caught my first spec on the popper. It was the first of many to come and it measured 12 inches. The next one was substantially larger and I made the decision to only keep fish that were over 14 inches for the rest of the morning.

After about a half hour on the poppers, the action slowed so we went to a Clousers and Charlies under a VOSI. We anchored and probably caught between 30 – 40 specs each the rest of the morning. I put a dozen in my ice chest, while Catch kept eight nice specs and one pretty redfish…just enough for a nice fish fry.

The conditions were not the best, but they were good. We had a very strong outgoing tide, light winds, and fairly clean water. I was surprised because the water usually is much clearer this time of year. I tried to video a couple of fish under water but couldn’t use that video because the water was too murky. We were off the water by noon because I had tickets to the LSU/Bama game and I promised my wife I’d be home by 3.

Check out my video:

Hook set

Setting the hook on an early morning speckled trout.

Another speckled trout caught on a popper

Catch poses with one of his fly rod specs

Glen and I both caught between 30 and 40 specked trout that morning!

Coma redfish

This undersized redfish fell for a coma spoon. Glen caught a real nice slot redfish later, as you can see in this picture.

Click on the picture for a full-sized version 🙂


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