Thanksgiving Trout Mix

Thanksgiving is always a time to stop and thank God for all the good gifts and blessings he has given us. I am often reminded by a good friend of mine to be sure to thank God daily, and often. I do!

From the standpoint of a fisherman, I am thankful to be able to enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets (more sunrises because I prefer fishing in the mornings). I am thankful for cool breezes (to keep the gnats away), nice tidal ranges, good fishing companions, and the beautiful waterways of south Louisiana. Well yesterday, I was thankful for a few other things as well. First of all, I am thankful that I packed my bait caster and a few bits of “commie” tackle in my car.  Second, I am thankful for the outstanding warranty that Cabelas has on their rods…allow me to explain a bit further.

Monday, I made a trip to Leeville to one of my favorite fishing spots in the marsh. Right off the bat, I started getting hits on one of my poppers. The trout were rolling on it like they were rainbows or brookies but I couldn’t get a hookup on my first 5 or six strikes. Finally, I got one to eat and it was a nice 15 inch speckled trout. On the very next cast, I landed a nice 14 inch trout. I though to myself “…Game on! This is going to be fun!” Well, I didn’t get another hit after that. I worked the area for another 20 minutes without even a bump. No problem, I’ll paddle on to another spot with moving water that has produced trout in the past and work them with a Charlie under a VOSI. I got a couple of bumps and then I started picking up some small trout. After about 10 minutes, I had caught about 10 and put two of those in the box. That’s when I did one of those “really stupid” things. I was trying to get my line unwrapped around the tip of my 9 ft. rod and I bent it to the point that it snapped. So, I was in the marsh without a working rod. Here’s where I was so very thankful that I had put my baitcasting rod in the car before I left Baton Rouge. After about a 20 minute paddle back to the car, I was back on the water in pursuit of any descent keeper trout. I was only keeping them if they were clearly over the legal size. Each time I thought I was on to them and I had “clearly” found a pattern that would work, the bite would shut down. This went on all morning long. I had eight in the box (along with a limit of slot redfish that I managed to catch while looking for trout) and I wanted to try one more spot that I knew had moving water and structure. Right off the bat, I had a hookup on a 16-inch spec. The next cast produced a fat 15-inch spec. I just knew I had finally found them and I could finish out the day with a “Cormier Limit,” that’s the 15-fish limit that my good friend puts on fishermen who already have plenty fish in their freezers already! Well, in keeping with the pattern of the day, I did NOT get another bite. I was happy to come in with 5 nice reds and 10 specs. I was thinking to myself how I was going to deal with my broken fly rod when I remembered that I bought it at Cabelas and it should still be under warranty! I stopped at Cabelas on the way home and they exchanged it for a new one in the store. Thank you Jesus!

On the way home, my cousin’s husband called me and asked if I would be game to join him Tuesday morning down in Dularge. He didn’t have to twist my arm to get me there. We fished out of his bay boat and probably caught 60. I stuck with my fly rod and probably didn’t put as many in the ice chest as he did but I had a blast catching specs in his very roomy, Ranger Bay Boat!  We ended the morning with 20 keeper trout and great memories. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in my blogosphere!


Healthy redfish!


Healthy trout!


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