It’s Great to be able to Fish in South Louisiana!

After a trip to the marsh this past weekend and then a hop on over to a friend’s pond for some warm water action, I thought it just couldn’t get any better. Well, it did!
I had to cancel today’s after school rehearsal because too many guys in the combo were out. So, I put the kayak on my car-top and headed to another pond in the back of a friend’s house. I had an hour and a half break before I had to head out to a rehearsal so I was going to give it a shot. My buddy had experienced some very high water due the last week’s rain so I wasn’t getting my hopes up. This pond holds great memories for me. I caught my personal best bass in the pond on a craw-worm out of a pirogue about 10 years ago. I also used to catch nice stringers of sacalait there but Hurricane Gustav caused a huge fish kill and it hasn’t been very productive since then. The bass have come back as I was able to catch some nice ones during the spawn last year, but I haven’t been able to find the coveted sacalait. Well that all changed for me this afternoon. I caught 7 and kept 6 nice ones. They really bent my 5 wt. and made it fun! Actually, they were all fillet size except for one. I promised my buddy I’d fry some up for him and his family soon, so I might have to catch just a few more. 

January sacalait stringer 1:24:2013


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