My camera setup

I’ve been asked by a few other kayakers about my camera setup.

I use two mounts. My old one (second pic) is for my kodak playsport. My new one is for my GoPro Hero 2
So here’s where I got the idea for the old one:
The new one is designed from this:
Both setups have their own advantages. The old setup swings easily and I find it’s easy to get pictures of me holding fish. I can set the camera to go off and swing the PVC around with my foot to get ready for the picture. However, I always worry about the dang thing falling in the water. The newest mount (Targus) is somewhat difficult to pull out of the Scotty mount and adjust. I have to be careful not to over extend myself and fall out my yak. However, once I have it setup and locked, it’s not going anywhere and won’t fall out the boat. I still use pool noodle to make double sure I don’t lose it. GoPros are expensive.
Kodak mount
My kodak mount
gopro mount a
My GoPro Hero 2 mount


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