My Flyrod Challenge for March

They say that March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion. Well, that’s kind of what happened to me in the month of March while on my quest to catch as many different species as I could on the fly.  First species on the fly was a chunky bass that I caught on a popper at the beginning of the month with my buddy, Austin Nola.

Then, things got busy at work for me and got even slower for fishing. I was able to pick up a chinquapin on the fly rod.

I continued my quest to catch one of the premier species during the month of March, the sac a lait (crappie). I searched and searched and finally caught a small stringer of 5 or six but I had to resort to shiners in the very dirty water. I finally hit paydirt the last week of the month on one after-work trip and caught a nice stringer of very big sacalait on the chartreuse and black fluff butt!
3:18:13 Flyrod sacalait

My only saltwater trip of the month took me to Leeville for our annual Paddle Palooza trournament. What I didn’t catch in numbers made up in quality as I caught a 19 inch speckled trout on a popper
3:23:13 Trout Submission
and a 21-inch redfish on a gold spoon-fly.

3:23:13 Redfish submission

To close out my species challenge for the month of march was a pair of sheepshead that were fooled by my spoon-fly.
3:23:13 Sheepshead


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