Product Review, UV-Cure Resin

I have been interested in purchasing a UV-epoxy product but I haven’t dove in simply because of the price. I’ve watched countless videos on Youtube that make it look all too easy but I just couldn’t justify the $40-plus price tag for a UV light and resin. 

I recently found a product by Solarez that I purchased for around $20 before shipping. I bought the UV light and a 3-pack of resin (thin, thick, and flex). Here’s the link where I purchased it from Hook & Hackle:

My first experience with the material was to make a spoon-fly. I used the thick material. My initial impression was pleasing. There was no mixing, mess, etc. The epoxy dried to a very hard, shiny finish. The instructions say to hit it with the UV light to get it hard but to let it sit in direct sunlight for about 3-5 minutes to cure it. I will try the thin material the next time I do a spoon fly, or at least use a brush to smooth it on. My finish, which won’t bother a redfish at all, was a bit clumpy, but that was user error and not the product.


My second project was to put a finish on one of my bass poppers. Again the material (I used thin for this and a brush) went on easily and cured well once the sun came out 🙂


My third project was to make some baitfish out of EP fibers and other materials. My first was a bluegill pattern. My second was to imitate a menhaden. I was very pleased with both of these applications. I also used a drop to sure up the threads on a few Charlies and Clouser minnows that I tied.  




I have to give this product a thumbs up! If you’re just getting into fly tying, this would eliminate having to buy a rotary drying machine. I look forward to tying a few more spoon-flies and poppers in the near future.


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