My April Fly-rod Challenge Update

This month’s challenge of trying to catch a large variety of different species on the fly-rod was more challenging than that of the first three months of the year. I can see where this is going to get really tough when my busiest time of the year with work (August and September) gets here. I was able to finish April strong with my only salt water trip. My gold spoon fly was my most productive fly on this trip as I caught my personal best sheepshead, a redfish, and several black drum, which was the first time I caught that species ever on a fly.

4:27:13 Drum

4:27:13 Sheep

Add to that several largemouth black bass, and two different species of bream and my total for the month of April ended up being six different species for the month. 4:2:2013 Chinquapin

4:2:2013 Bluegill4:22:13 Bass


2 thoughts on “My April Fly-rod Challenge Update

  1. Solid work there. I’ve never seen a sheepshead take an artificial. I enjoy catching a wide variety of species as well. Nice post.

  2. You write well. Enjoyed reading your posts. Love to see your kids enjoying fishing. It gives me ideas for future posts I will be writing this summer when I have some time off.

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