My June Challenge

I’m half way through this year’s fly challenge, to feature a different species on the fly rod each month. So far, I’ve caught large mouth bass, catfish, three different species of bream, sacalait (crappie) and a choupique in fresh water. In the salt, I’ve caught speckled trout, redfish, drum, sheepshead, and a garfish so it looks like I’m on track to be able to feature a different fish each month. June’s catch includes:

Several largemouth bass, including this fat 18 inch one:

ImageRed ear Bream:





This 16 inch redfish:



A “dink” speckled trout:



And the fish of the month, this little garfish:



By the way, that’s the first garfish I ever catch on the fly. Stay tuned to see what’s cooking for July. I can already say that I went on the first and caught several bass, bluegill, and red ears. The bream made a great lunch treat!




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