My July Fly Challenge

July was a tough month for me for several reasons. First of all, it’s one of the hottest months of the year in south Louisiana. Second, I start my band camps the last two weeks of the month, which forces me to become a weekend warrior when it comes to fishing. Add to that the fact that my wife and I went to California to celebrate our wedding anniversary and that leaves me with just one week to get any serious fishing in. 

I was able to catch a few worthy fish on the fly though. 🙂

I’ll start with this bass that ate one of my fire-tiger poppers. It weighed in at around three pounds (didn’t get to weigh it on a scale because I wanted to get it back in the water quickly) but it tied my personal best on the fly rod at 19 inches.

ImageThen, I caught my largest redfish since March (at 22 1/2 inches) on what I call redfish crack, a gold spoon fly. This spoon fly actually is a prototype that is gold on one side and pink on the other. I made some blue spoon flies that I will try out later this year. 



Finally, I caught these two bream, one a bluegill and the other a red ear.


ImageSo, what ended up being a slow month for me actually turned out to be good in quality as I matched my personal best bass on the fly and I was able to submit an upgrade to my redfish entry in the Massey’s tournament. 




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