August Fly Challenge

August brings with it some of the hottest, stickiest weather all year down in south Louisiana. Along with it come the schools of tackle-busting bull redfish. I wish I could start this fishing report with a great story about a personal best redfish on my fly rod but I’m sorry…I can’t. August also brings with it the beginning of a new school year, which for me, means work from 7 AM until 5 PM or later (8 and 9 PM during band camp). Between evening meetings and weekend gigs, there’s very little time for fishing. I become a weekend warrior at best and unless the weather promises perfect conditions (descent tides, low winds, and minimal thunderstorm activity) I usually don’t venture very far from the fresh water lakes and ponds of Baton Rouge.

So this August, I only managed a couple of freshwater trips to the local neighborhood lake to catch a few late summer bass and bluegill.
8:24:13 bass
This bass was fooled by a fire-tiger popper
8:24:13 bluegill
Big popper…little bluegill

I did manage to get to the marsh on only one occasion but the weather was windy and I was threatened by thunderstorms the whole time. I did catch a new species for me on the fly rod. Believe it or not, I had not caught the dreaded hardhead catfish on a fly yet. I managed to get not one but two small hardheads on the same trip. It was a trip down to Point aux Cheines one morning. The water was high, the winds were strong (due to nearby thunderstorms from a system in the gulf) and the fishing was tough. I caught one 18-inch redfish on a spinnerbait (commie tackle) early on that I tagged and released. I decided to head on in due to an approaching storm but I stopped to fish some nervous water (shrimp jumping) on the way in. I caught two hardhead catfish on a black Lafleur’s Charlie. 
The hardhead catfish will probably end up being my fly rod species for August. With the month of September finally getting here and the fall months (my favorite for fly fishing the marsh) being right around the corner, I’m looking forward to some good weekend warrior trips. My first (after the opening weekend of dove hunting) will be our Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club’s PAC Attack tournament in Point aux Chenes. I hope my next blog post is either that of dove breasts wrapped in bacon or that of a 28 inch redfish caught on the gold spoon fly! 🙂 One can still dream!


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