My setup for fly fishing from my kayak

I’ve been asked by a couple of you who want to get into fly fishing about my rig. I keep everything simple. I want to keep my deck as uncluttered as possible. I fish out of a Jackson Cruise and the only parts of the yak that I will seldom foul my line are the foot rests. Everything else is stored behind me in a crate or under my seat. When I keep fish, I will bring an ice chest. I’ve attached rod holders Image
to the ice chest and I position them to my left. I’m right-handed and I cast mostly to my left and front. I try to avoid casting to my right. I find this prevents foulups with my extra rod.
The biggest issue I have had with fly fishing from the Cruise is stealth while standing up. First you have to have a paddle clip belt. See Fishtaco’s blog entry on how to do that:…dle-clip-belt/
The other problem I found myself having this past summer was being able to spot a redfish and keep my eyes on it while picking up my fly rod. I tried several solutions including a large rocket style ram mount for my fly rod that I could quickly grab. The problem with that was I kept getting my fly line wrapped around it and found that to be a miserable solution. I finally came upon a solution that has worked for me. It’s this rod holder from Smith Creek: Image I removed the zinger and just used some extra fly line to connect it to my paddle clip belt. The rod clip hangs to my right and is behind my paddle when I’m poling through marsh.
When I spot a redfish, I simply snap my paddle to my belt clip and grab my fly rod, without losing sight of the fish and without spooking it. I hope this answers some of the questions I’ve been getting.

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