Black and Gold Charlie

This is my first fly tutorial. I found myself sitting at home, two days before Christmas, without a car (it was in the shop) with nothing to do. I couldn’t fish, my school work was completed…so, I decided to try to invent my own redfish fly.

First of all, it’s really a combination of a gold fly that Stephen Robert ties and a Charlie that Mike LaFleur ties. I have to give them credit for the inspiration.  Here’s the recipe:

First, I started with some gold ribbon from an old Christmas present saved from last year, thinking that it looked like it would make good fly-tying material.


Attach a gold cone head to a size two hook with some gold metallic thread. (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago). I actually didn’t get a picture of that but here’s one with the gold thread on it. I tied this fly with gold hooks and stainless hooks. I figure the gold will get destroyed by a redfish before it rusts 🙂


I then tied in a thread base down to a spot just past the bend of the hook and cinched down the end of some of the gold ribbon.


Wrap the gold foil ribbon to the cone, tie it in, and then push the cone back down on the ribbon and tie a jam on the other end by the hook eye. Be sure to push the cone down over the gold foil far enough to leave a place to tie in the wing material.Image

Then tie in the wing material. Here I used a small dump of black craft fur. Be sure to flip the fly and tie it on the correct side.


Finally, whip finish and coat with your favorite head cement (zap-a-gap, Sally’s, or whatever you use). The finished product:


I can’t wait to get to the marsh to try these.

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