Bass…2 – Doc….1


With my extra-busy teaching and performing schedule this spring, I have not had a chance to hit the water for bass and bream. That ended this afternoon when I took the opportunity to sneak in an afternoon trip. I loaded my Wilderness Tarpon on my kayak cart, packed my crate, my 5 wt., and my 3 wt., and made the two-block walk to the lake in my neighborhood. The water has finally warmed up and I just knew the bass should be willing to play.

I got on the water around 5:45 and fished poppers and a slow sinking spider until around 7:30. There was bait jumping everywhere. I believe they were baby shad. I didn’t see anything chasing the minnows though, which was kind of disappointing. Around 6:15 I caught my first bass on a fire tiger popper that I make. It seems like whenever I catch fish on this lake, I attract company and just like that, I had another boat in my area. They were in one of those little bass trackers and I watched one of the guys catch about a 2 pound bass with a plastic lizard. I worked my way around and away from them and hit all my usual spots. The fishing was really kind of slow. I did get a couple of monster misses though. That’s why I titled this Bass – 2.  Doc – 1. The first miss was on the fire tiger popper. I actually saw the wake as the big bass approached my popper. It was the kind of wake that a large redfish makes! Bam! Huge eat!  But, in my excitement, I set the hook on it too soon 😦

As the sun began to set, I switched to a very large, weedless, black frog fly. I have fond memories of my youth as I fished dusk and evening hours with a black jitterbug. I created this fly to imitate the popping and gurgling noise of the old jitterbug from way back when. ImageWell, I was easing my way down a bank where I was going to pull my kayak out of the water that had some lights by it and there was a sound like someone tossed a small dog into the lake. I quickly realized it was a big fish trying to eat my black night frog. I set the hook but the darned thing came toward me and I didn’t get a real good hook set and it got off right under my yak.

Well, at least I know where they are hanging out so I’ll be back to catch them later this spring.


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