Pond Hopping, 2014

I was able to make an afternoon trip, thanks to an abbreviated school work schedule and spent a couple of hours at a friend’s pond. I caught and released 11 bass, 2 catfish, and four big bream. The bass at my friend’s pond have always been very skinny and malnourished-looking. This concerns me, especially during the spawn. I’m thinking we have to harvest some of the big catfish and many of the bass so that we can get a healthier, larger population of bass in this pond. The pond is a couple of acres and gets down to 12 feet deep. If any of my followers have any suggestions to make this a better fishery, please chime in!




One thought on “Pond Hopping, 2014

  1. You mentioned the lake is a couple of acres with a maximum depth of 12 feet. At that depth, the pond is highly susceptible to thermal stratification (an aerobic or oxygen filled upper half & and an anaerobic or oxygen less bottom half). The top half will naturally sustain life while the bottom half will consist of a Toxic Zone with decaying fish, plants, etc. An easy and very effective solution is to add a properly sized pond aeration system. I recommend using the variety that rests on the pond bottom. This will successfully remove the lower Toxic Zone and improve the ponds natural food chain.

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