Warmwater slam

I received a text from my cousin’s husband that he caught three sacalait and a couple of bream on some fluff butts that I tied for him a while back. He asked me for some more because he was down to his last fly and it was pretty ragged. I told him I would tie a few more for him and I’d throw in a few chartreuse and black crappie candy flies if I could go over to his house and field test them with him. 🙂

I showed up at his house around 5 PM and after a short visit with them, I launched my kayak in their pond/lake and proceeded to educate some fish to the fly rod!   I then proceded to catch a warm water slam…a bass, a sacalait (crappie for you guys not from south Louisiana), and a red-ear sunfish (chinquapin). Also, for good measure, I managed to catch a bluegill too. All were caught on the fire tiger popper or the crappie candy. My totals for the day were 7 bass, one sacalait, 6 chinquapin, and a bluegill.  I probably lost about five bass due to poor hook sets and fumbling with the camera. What a great afternoon of relaxation and fishing. After we fished we were treated to some awesome New Orleans red beans and rice.


Big bass of the day


The only female (I think)







Neil’s big sacalait



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