The bream are officially on the beds

After work today I did a buddy of mine a favor and brought my yak over to his pond where he was trying to install an aerator. We put the aerator on the front hatch of my kayak and I paddled out to the middle of his pond, where I eased it down into the water. He is hoping that this aerator will help to end the “dead zone” we think is in his pond. Those of you who follow this blog may remember that I have caught some pretty skinny, tiny bass in this pond and have not caught anything over 13 or 14 inches in there. I’ve even caught some bass during the summer that look like they don’t even have a stomach.  Well, after installing the aerator and getting it turned on I decided not to pass on an opportunity to fish one of my slow sinking spiders. The slow sinking spider (with a twist) is one of my fly-tying buddies, Stephen Robert’s, creations. I tied a few over the winter in blue and in orange and I’ve been looking for an opportunity to harass some bluegill with them.

Well, my tally for the hour and a half I fished was 13 bass (up to 13 inches) and 15 fat bluegill…12 REALLY nice ones! I’m sorry I didn’t get any pictures. I left my memory card in my computer during my last upload and was out there with a camera without any memory.

After dinner with my wife and our friends, a cold stout, and good music and conversation, we spoke about having me come over one day next week to catch some bream for a fish fry! Some of these big girls were fillet sized!

Slow-sinking spider


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