The Post Spawn is Here!

One of my favorite times of the year to fish bass is during the post spawn. The big sows have dropped their eggs, the fishing pressure is almost nonexistent, and…well SCHOOL IS ALMOST OUT for the summer! So, I’ve got time to get on the water. With the heavy rains we’ve had lately, some of the local public areas I fish are basically non-fishable with a fly rod. Not to mention, the wind has been pretty fierce too. So, I take walks in my neighborhood for exercise. That’s right. There’s nothing like a very brisk walk in the neighborhood (about 2 miles round trip). I usually carry my fly rod to protect myself against vicious canines.Image
If there are no pooches to ward off, I usually find a spot or two to cast for some ‘gills.  I’ve had some success as of late and even have caught a bass or two, which are loads of fun on a 3 wt.


Today, I got out on the lake with my kayak and was able to pick up three nice bass in about an hour. The first one hit a small, size 10 blue and white popper that I tied and use to target bream. The bream weren’t on today but I did manage a nice 14 inch bass on it.Image

A little while later, I noticed a commotion in the middle of the lake. It was the tell-tale sign of bass ambushing shad near the top of the water column. I tied on a shad fly (google up Cheech’s low-fat minnow) that I tied a while back and had a fish swipe at it on my first cast. Second cast…bam! 15 inch bass on! Sorry, picture didn’t come out. I figured that spot was done so I began working an adjacent back near it when I heard some more commotion coming from where I had just landed a nice bass. I figured it was worth a try and two casts later, I was fighting a 2.7 pound bass that was just a bit over 19 inches on the ruler!  The camera did work for this one.Image
With all the foam on the lake, that fly sure does get dirty quick. I’m going to have to tie a few more of those flies if the bass continue to pound the shad in the neighborhood lakes. Meanwhile, I’m looking to hit a few new spots where I can actually enter a bass on the fly division of the Massey’s tournament.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.21.43 PM




One thought on “The Post Spawn is Here!

  1. Congrats ! They are beautiful ! Glad to see you enjoying yourself.

    So happy over Dustin. Said thank you Mass!!

    Love, Mom

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