It Was a Bream Morning :)

This is just a short entry just to document conditions that were good this morning. I also use this blog as a fishing journal in an attempt to duplicate good trips and avoid skunks. This morning’s outing to my neighborhood lake was one of those good trips. I hit the lower lake this morning and fished for bass early on. I had two misses on a large frog popper. At about 7 am, I had a couple of bream hit that large popper. I switched to my 3 wt and caught a few small bluegill in the 5 – 6 inch range. I decided to switch to a hare’s ear nymph and found some bull bream and chinquapin. 

I probably caught over 30 this morning but I only kept the 10 largest which were in the 7 – 10 inch range. Most were in the 8 – 9 inch. I was able to fill a quart-sized freezer band with fillets!