I’m a Believer (in the Hare’s Ear Nymph)

I had one of those kind of mornings. I got on the water later that I wanted to, I forgot my camera (ran back to the house though to get it), and I forgot my reading glasses. I realized I had left my glasses after I got on the water. I well, I had to have faith that I wasn’t going to break off and have to retie today. 

The weather was hot, humid, completely calm. The calm was a problem because there were all sorts of biting insects (gnats mostly) that gave me the devil of a time. I would have gone in and given up had I not started catching some of the biggest chinquapin that I’ve caught on a fly rod…ever! The largest measured a tad bit over 11 inches. I am now a firm believer in the hare’s ear nymph!Image
That’s an 11-inch bream in my hand. It hardly even fit, which made getting my hand around the fish to remove the fly a problem. Oh, how I long for those kind of problems 🙂

I didn’t catch the numbers today as I caught last week. I probably threw back a dozen at most. I ended up keeping 11 for the frying pan.

So when I got back home I measured these fish. Of the 11 fish I kept, 2 measured in at 11 inches or better. Five were 10 or better and the remainder were all over 9 inches with the exception of one teeny little 8 inch. Toward the end of my morning adventure, I was fishing a bank that I haven’t worked yet this summer. The wind had picked up and I was standing in my kayak to stretch my back a bit. I cast my fly toward a promising bank. A breeze picked up and started moving my kayak. I grabbed my paddle to adjust my position along the bank. When I went to pick my fly up, I had a huge bass on! Naturally I didn’t set the hook because I was just trying to reposition the fly. That thing looked to be over 20 inches!  

Well, Dustin and I are going to be eating fried fish fillets tonight!



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