Doc’s Summer Ceviche` Recipe

 pounds fresh mild fish, snapper, redfish, or drum

 limes (just under 1 cup of juice)

 cup purple onion (or vidalia), chopped

jalapeño peppers, chopped finely (more or less to taste)

 cup, fresh tomato, chopped into cubes about 1/4″ or a bit bigger

 cups cucumber, chopped into cubes about 1/4″ or a bit bigger

 cup watermelon, chopped into cubes about 1/4″ or a bit bigger (mango may be substituted for watermelon)

tablespoons fresh cilantro, chopped

            salt and pepper


  1. Cut fish into flattened cubes, roughly 1/4″ on a side. Mix in a bowl (do not use an aluminum bowl) with the limejuice, onion, pepper, and salt (to taste). Transfer fish mixture to a plastic sealable bag and place in refrigerator to cure while you prepare the rest. Total cure time should be about 15 minutes, turning the bag every 5 minutes to make sure all fish pieces are coated with the limejuice.
  2. While the fish cures, combine the tomato, cucumber, watermelon, and cilantro in a bowl. Add some salt and pepper. Mix gently but thoroughly.
  3. After the fish is cured (all outside surfaces should be white and appear “cooked;” the fish should be sushi-quality), transfer it along with the lime mixture to the final serving bowl. Feel free to hold back some of the lime juice, which may seem excessive. If you prefer to be more cautious, you may cure the fish for a longer time in the limejuice in the fridge.

Pour the tomato mixture onto the fish and stir gently but thoroughly to combine well. Serve immediately, with restaurant quality nacho chips (I like the thick ones).

7:12:14 ceviche


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