Fishing the Summer Doldrums

My late-summer fishing has been pretty boring, to say the least. I’ve had to cancel two trips down to the marsh because of weather. It’s been hot, muggy, and whenever I get a free weekend to fish, either the wind picks up 10-15 mph or a line of huge thunderstorms decides to camp out right where I’m heading to fish.  Even the quick excursions to my local neighborhood lake have been pretty fruitless. Although I haven’t completely skunked, I’ve not caught anything to write about.

Again, this weekend, I had a weekend pass to fish anywhere I wanted. Lisa is out of town, there are no rehearsals, concerts, or engagement parties to attend. Wouldn’t you know it, a weak cool front blew throughout the state and the winds picked up to 10-15 mph on the coast. I made a short, late-afternoon trip to a friend’s pond before the LSU game and picked up four bass and about a half-dozen bream.   The bass were all dinks but they looked healthy. This morning, I fished the neighborhood lake and caught two bass and a dozen bream (two of those were chinquapin) The big bass of the day (15 inches) was actually caught on a slow-sinking spider that I was using to target bream. Oh, yes, I nearly forgot…I also caught a turtle on a clouser minnow. I was hoping the bass would be in their fall mode with the water cooling off a bit, but I guess I’ll have to wait a couple more weeks. Anyway, it was a beautiful morning and the low-humidity was nice!

This August bass saved the trip

A couple of late summer bass caught on a shad fly

This bream ate a black and orange slow-sinking spider

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 11.18.25 AM

I hit the century mark in bass for the year but 30 speckled trout and 16 redfish is pitiful. I’ve got to get down to the marsh soon! 🙂


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