Early Fishing, 2015

This blog has really been quite pitiful. I’ve only managed one trip to the coast, another to central Louisiana, and a few sporadic trips in my neighborhood. The first was a trip with my good friend and colleague, Neil Borel, to a spot I’ve never fished before, Bayou Bienvenue. The water in late January was beautiful but very shallow and I didn’t see a single redfish. I did manage to catch one little marsh bass and I picked up a small jack…yes literally netted a dying jack. DCIM100GOPRO

I tried to revive it but it had been stressed beyond its limit and was going to end up being dinner for crabs or raccoons. There was extensive flooding in the area during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and nearly 10 years later, there are still signs of the loss of property in the area, as the marsh is still littered with abandoned, destroyed boats. DCIM100GOPRO

Late February, I made a trip to my buddy’s house in central Louisiana to fish Lake Cotile, which is literally in his back yard. We fished the afternoon I arrived and I hooked a very nice sacalait (crappie) but it broke the tippet when I tried to lip it. No worries, we planned on catching a lot the next morning. Well, the very next morning, the wind picked up and the fishing never turned on. Between the two of us we probably caught 50 baby (we call them micro) sacalait. We managed four nice keepers between the two of us and a few bream. DCIM100GOPRO

It’s always fun to fish with “Catch” Cormier. He and his Best Friend, Belle, make a great fishing duo.
Belle got a little bored that day because we couldn’t put enough fish in the boat. A couple of weeks later, I just couldn’t resist the urge to catch some fish so I stopped off the side of the road near my neighborhood and I managed to catch 2 nice sacalait and a bass on a fluff butt.
3:4:15 sacalait 1 3:4:15 sacalait 2
These were released to fight another day. With meatless Fridays during the season of Lent, I was really looking forward to catching a mess of these for a fish fry, so after school today I launched the kayak in my neighborhood lake and went looking for the elusive sacalait (aka crappie). I didn’t find any but I did manage to catch about 18 feisty bream and one 15 – inch bass. I did keep two of the red ears that were over 9 inches. I’ll have to catch a couple more later this week to make a nice fry on Friday.
15-inch bass
10-inch red-ear

Well, this winter has been unseasonably cold with a lot of rain, wind, and large contrasts from nearly warm days in the upper 70s to cold and windy days near freezing. I’m really looking forward to some spring weather and the bass spawn. I hope to be able to put a line in the water and write about it.

2 thoughts on “Early Fishing, 2015

  1. Those crappie sure are tasty…wish I was better at catching them. I usually give up after an hour and chase bass. The weather has been brutal…we deserve a great spring. Here’s to bass, crappie, and reds being really hungry over the next few months.

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