A little bream fishing

Well, the weather has been bad. We’ve had torrential downpours and it has really cut into my fishing time. I am blessed to have a couple of lakes in my neighborhood where I can make a quick trip when the weather clears and that’s just what I did the day after Easter and today after work.

The Monday after Easter provided me an opportunity to fish for bream for a few hours and I caught over 50 bream on a fluff butt under a vosi. Although most were the micro variety, I did manage three nice red-ears that were over 9 inches:DCIM100MEDIA

The weather got ugly again but I managed a nice bass before I called it quits.


Today, we got another downpour during the day but the skies opened and the sun shined bright as I made my way over to the lake again today after work. The fishing was slow. I couldn’t get a single bass to hit my popper. I did, however get into some schooling bream that were hitting on a tiny #10 popper. I saw one of the neighbors catch a big chinquapin on a worm and I switched back to my fluff butt. I proceeded to catch 10 chinquapin (red – ears) that were over 9 inches. My buddy and his wife saw me and asked if I was keeping fish. I told them no, not thinking I was going to catch 10 of them. Well, I’ll give them a rest and go after them another day. They were very fat…the kind I like to fillet. I tell you they are the best eating fresh water fish too. The meat is just as white as sacalait but it’s a bit firmer in texture.

I took some video but only snapped one picture of one of the smaller ones.


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 9.04.35 PM

2 thoughts on “A little bream fishing

  1. Nice gills! Thing are starting to heat up here bass wise but not quite warm enough for bream. Trying to give the long rod more action but its been really windy and I’m not the best caster on the creek.

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