Got fish?

Since there isn’t much else going on in the fly fishing world (at least around these parts 🙂 ) I’ll just have to post another report. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. If the specs and reds won’t cooperate, then the red-ears, aka chinquapin, lake-runners, or shell crackers will have to do.

I ventured out this morning in my neighborhood lake to find these big daddies of the bream world biting.


And you micro guys…well I had a couple like this one for you too. 🙂


This big daddy touched the 11-inch mark when I pinched his big tail.


I actually tried to see which fly, a hare’s ear nymph or the fluff butt would catch more fish. I put 4 on the stringer with the Hare’s ear and three with the fluff butt today. I’ll have to go back in the morning and do some more research. 😉 Gotta love that research.




I kept seven (released everything under 9 inches) for a fish fry tonight. I filleted these so my wife won’t have to worry about bones.


One thought on “Got fish?

  1. Very nice ! Too bad Marc couldn’t ‘t have been able up enjoy your luck! Enjoyed our Father’s Day. Sent from my mobile device.


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