The Research is In!

The data does not lie. Or does it?

I hit the same spot this morning with the fly rod determined to see which fly would reign supreme. Would it be the hare’s ear nymph, dyed brown or would it be a black and chartreuse fluff butt? Yesterday I began my morning fishing with the nymph and caught four red-eared sunfish (chinquapin) over 9 inches long before I switched to a fluff butt. I caught 3 over nine inches on the fluff butt.

This morning I began fishing with the fluff butt and it did not disappoint! Right away I started catching these big guys.


I had four on the stringer in a half hour.




I threw back three that were over 8 inches but under my self-imposed nine-inch or better limit.


I got my fly caught in a tangled mess at around 8 am and decided to switch to the nymph. I didn’t get a hit for about 15 minutes so I changed back to the fluff butt. I proceeded to catch another under-sized chinquapin and another keeper in the next five minutes.

One of the added features of fishing with the fluff butt is you will occasionally catch one of these.


I caught my personal best too. A bream over 11 inches long on the fly rod.


Overall a great way to spend an early summer morning. Just two days before my birthday. 🙂


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