A quick morning. Quick trip. Quick Report

All work and no fishing makes for a very dull…  Someone must have written those words but I just can’t remember who. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been pulling up bushes and clearing dirt to prepare to install over 250 square feet of pavers in my back yard and it has been a back-breaking, soaking-wet sweatfest. On my son’s advise, “Dad, take a break. Go fishing.” I decided to hit the lakes in the neighborhood this morning.

We are now entering the dog days of summer in south Louisiana and the heat index pushes 100 degrees and over each day. The fishing gets really tough, especially with the fly rod. I was fortunate this morning to catch two quality bass on a frog popper. There were small pockets of baitfish near the banks early on so I tied on a shad fly. I actually caught a nice chinquapin on the shad fly early on but decided that frogs were going to be on the bass breakfast menu for the day. By 6:30 AM I had hooked up on a very nice fish. It was a jumper, which frankly, I hate. Jumpers find a way to throw the fly so I let this one run so it would not try to jump. Even then, I counted, one jump, two jump, then three…holy cow, I’m going to lose this fish. I tried to keep pressure on it but not so much that it would rise to the surface to jump. After seven jumps I started to feel that I was destined to land this fish, and I did. It weighed 2.97 inches and was a little over 19 inches. A trophy fish for any fly rod enthusiast. I was beating myself up for not bringing a camera. It took a while to revive it after the extended fight but it eventually swam off strong.

About 20 minutes later, I caught one that was a bit over 14 inches. On the way in (at 7:30), I decided to switch back to my shad fly because I saw some bait working a shady bank. On my first cast, something inhaled it and took off toward me. When I went to set the hook, it cut my line. I’m thinking it may have been a garfish.

Anyway, it was a fun morning. Now time to get back on the shovel. Gotta finish this project before school starts.