Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s Fish!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 9.45.02 PMI took advantage one one last opportunity to fish before rehearsals and concerts make it impossible to fish until the week of Christmas. After a week of strong winds and dirty water, I made a morning trip back to my spot in Leeville with my brother, Keith. Keith fishes “old school” out of a pirogue that he has rigged up with a trolling motor. He also fishes with conventional tackle only. (mostly plastics)

Our morning started out with both of us chasing diving birds. I could tell early on that I wasn’t going to repeat my performance from last week, as most of the trout were small. I did, however, keep track of all the fish I caught today and I ended up catching 49 trout (only 8 were legal sized) and 4 redfish (3 legal sized).

The morning started with very calm winds and high water. The tide quickly made a change and started falling hard. I caught trout on a popper early on but I then changed to a Charlie under a VOSI and started putting numbers in the kayak. My thoughts of a big limit of trout were waning when I saw a big splash against the bank what was a sure telltale sign of a feeding redfish. By the time I paddled over to the spot (riddled with oyster shells on the bottom), the fish had moved. I made several bling casts around the spot I last saw the fish and I got him to eat a gold spoonfly.

An hour later, and I was poling my way through a small “duck pond” filled with clear water. I spotted my first redfish but it moved before I could get my rod up. I threw a couple of blind casts where I had seen it last but I couldn’t get a bite. I then paddled further to the back of the pond where I spotted two redfish. They were not interested in my spoon, so I tied on a crab fly. I  immediately poled my way back to where I had seen the first redfish and I soon landed my first redfish on a crab fly. I ended up catching four (only three kept) redfish.

Notice the big redfish doesn’t have a spot on its tail!

On the paddle back in (I had to be back on the road for 1 PM) I started seeing redfish all over. The water had dropped a foot and now they were visible in the shallow water. After spooking a few, I finally got a 26-inch fish to eat. It ended up being long enough to submit as an upgrade to my redfish entry in our CPR tournament.

I have so much to be thankful for! Hope all my followers had a great Thanksgiving too!