Slow Spring Bite

I haven’t been able to get my usual spring freshwater bite going. Heavy rains and severe flooding have muddied all the nearby freshwater systems. When all else fails, I can usually rely on my neighborhood lakes to provide some solace from work but even those have been very high and muddy.

I did manage to get out Saturday morning and test a new crease fly that I tied to match Bill Laminack’s version. It is tied with a lip in the front so I dives and darts. Well, the fly needs some modifications because I had three blowups and didn’t stick one fish. I think I need a bigger gap in the hook. I did modify these and will be trying these soon.


Anyway, I also was hoping to get on the bream bite but even that was very slow. I did, however, manage one nice bass on a fluff butt to avoid the skunk. I got off the water right as the wind changed and started blowing hard from the north.  Hoping to get some spring break action in soon!

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 5.13.16 PM

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