It it time for the fall bite to begin?

Well, to be honest, it isn’t getting any cooler in South Louisiana but the temperatures of the nearby lakes are starting to drop just a bit. I visited one of my “go-to” spots for an early Saturday morning popper experience and I did manage to catch 5 bass on one of my deer hair divers. The bite was very subtle this morning and I could tell that even though the fish seemed more active, they still showed signs of being stressed by the heat.

I paddled out around daybreak and quickly had a couple of missed eats. Earlier this spring and summer, the bass would crush my poppers and some would go completely airborne to eat the fly. This morning, they seemed like they didn’t want to exert much energy. My first bass barely fought at all. IMG_2849.JPGYou can see, it’s quite skinny too. I didn’t waste any time getting it back into the water. The next bass was a little friskier.IMG_2850.JPG

My third bass actually missed my popper the first time. I quickly put another cast right where it had been and it slurped my dahlberg diver. This one decided it didn’t want to be hooked and it put up a good fight. They kept getting bigger and I was a happy fly fisherman. IMG_2851.JPG

After around 7:30, the bite slowed so I changed tactics and I caught a few baby bass on a clouser minnow. I gave the deer bug another chance and I notice a few good taps from some overly aggressive bluegill. I promptly down-sized my popper to a tried and true balsa popper I tied years ago and I had fun for the next two hours playing catch and release with a couple dozen bream and baby bass. Here’s a big of one of the bulls. By the way, that’s a 5 wt and not my 3 wt. 🙂


I was off the water at 10 and heading home to do some straightening out before my daughter’s family rolls into town.

I’m hoping the water continues to cool and the fish get more aggressive.