This is Kevin Andry (Doc)’s personal blog site.  I’m registered on several kayak fishing forums as Musicdoc. I teach music and have a Ph.D. in music, thus the name musicdoc. I will post chronicles of my fishing adventures along with tips. I hope you enjoy!

Band director by day

Kayak fisherman on weekends and during the summer.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Kevin,
    I stumbled upon your site while searching the web for kayak info! Needless to say I see that you were bitten by the bug a while back. Tell Lisa that I said hello and keep publishing….I really liked how the wives schooled the old men.

    JJ Aucoin

  2. Hey! First of all I have to tell you how much I admire your blog and kayac fishing skills. My dad and I always fished the catfish lake area ( bayou courant specifically) and did really well. Unfortunately those days are done and I’m out scouting for a more affordable way of catching my Cajun triple headers…. Im am emailing you to see if you knew of any good website or maps that I could subscribe to or purchase that showed good kayaking locations? If you have any recommendations I’d greatly appreciate it… Thanks!

    • Hey Wallace, I suggest you join Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club. There’s a $25 annual membership fee, but there is a large wealth of knowledge shared on the site, as well as maps, and launch locations. You can lurk for free but to get access to fishing reports and maps, you’ll have to join. They also host tournaments if you’re interested. I have the link listed on the right of my blog.

  3. Hey Doc its joey im am very impressed with your pictures! Looks like you love fishing just as much as I do! we should go fishing sometime!

  4. Hello Kevin. Just returned from my bimonthly haircut with Todd. We have talked fishing for years and I always try to nudge him toward the fly rod. He loves to inquire but has never taken the plunge. He was impressed with your technique and ability in the recent visit to his ponds. Even though I gave up the kayak several years ago we need to get together and give his ponds another try. I have been tying and fishing the Kurt type poppers for years for reds, specks and large bream. Jody Titone

    • Thanks Jody,
      Are you a member of RSFF? It’s a Baton Rouge group of fly fishermen. A good buddy of mine first got me into kayak fishing and then got me into fly fishing. I had a ball at Todd’s camp and look forward to catching some more on poppers there in the future. I just got back from a trip down to to the marsh today. I will post a report here soon. I’ll be out of commission for four weeks and my work schedule gets real busy with rehearsals and performances for the next four weekends.

  5. Kevin, I was president of RSFF in 1994 and served on the board for many years in various positions. I was very active in many activities including tying lessons and rod building clinics along with Catch. I assume we have met. Jody

    • We probably have met. I was at the conclave last January and I attended Kirk’s balsa workshop. I taught Catch’s daughter at St. Michael so that’s how I know him. He first got me into kayak fishing and later fly fishing. Look forward to seeing you again. I guess Todd told you that I teach his son and that my son used to coach his son baseball. So they are hunting buddies now 🙂

  6. When I lived in Virginia, I used to launch my kayak in the coves and inlets of Chesapeake Bay, though passionate about my fishing, I was not very successful. I used to follow an online kayaker, “Kayak Kevin” that seemed to be based in the Virginia Beach area. When I started following this blog, I thought that it was the same “Kayak Kevin”, but now I believe that you are two different kayak fishermen. I like both of your online info, but could you please clear up my confusion? Thank you, now in Charlotte trying to catch anything, Jim Weber.
    PS – I’m interested in tying your purple zonker fly, but I can not find the link again to the “how to tie”.

      • Yes, thank you. I did not picture him as a PhD music teacher, nor do I think that he is a fly fisherman, but he is passionate about kayak fishing, willing to share and teach and will respond to individual inquiries, like you. I applaud you both. You bring a lot to the sport to bring along the next generation. Actually, I am not a fly fisherman. I love to kayak fish and I learned how to tie flies because I thought that I could teach some Haitian friends how to earn a little money. Unfortunately, I am not a very good marketing man and the big guys in the market already have established sources for flies in the Third World and it seems many fishermen, like me, tie their own. I spin cast my flies below a slip bobber. My daughter taught me out in WY. Thank you for your flavor spice to life. jw PS I may graduate to the fly rod someday.

      • Thanks for the kind words, James. Yes, many fly fishermen tie their own. In my opinion, it’s part of the sport. I don’t purchase flies anymore, unless I’m using them as a model to tie my own. When I was a younger man, I duck hunted over decoys that I carved myself. Now I catch fish on flies I tie myself. My post read, “evolution of the fly,” when it should have read, “evolution of the fly fisherman.” You get the point. I bet your daughter enjoys some good fishing in WY.

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